News: Nashville's Citizens Bank & Trust received $2.5 million. Yelp transferred $10 Million Yelp transfers $10M in cash reserves to Black-owned banks | HR Dive

News: NCRC has released a report on bank branch closures.  Research Brief: Bank Branch Closure Update (2017 – 2020) » NCRC

Resource: The Middle TN Council learned 12/15 about the Renter Defender app created with support from Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services, the Administrative Office of the Courts and Tennessee Housing Development Agency. The video link was provided by Studio Bank. Here is the recording: the slides,

Here is the link to the legal information-packed website for TALS:, and the handout,

Resource: Foundational presentation on affordable housing by Marianne Cusato. Marianne Cusato - Affordable Housing on Vimeo.


The CARES Act included a provision for Economic Impact Payments for consumers.  The EIP can be up to $1,200 per eligible individual plus $500 for each eligible child. Of the 9 million Americans the IRS estimates are eligible to receive EIP monies but have not, 171,065 are Tennesseans. If each of these individuals received a $1,200 EIP payment, it would bring a minimum of $205.3 million to communities across Tennessee.

 Most eligible Americans received their EIP automatically because they were already in the IRS database because they filed a tax return in 2018 &/or 2019. A non-filer is someone who is not required to file a federal tax return. Generally, this is someone with income below:

✓ $12,200 for single filers,

✓ $18,350 for head of household filers,

✓ $24,400 for married couples who file jointly.

Eligible individuals who have not received their EIP monies have until November 21st at midnight to register with the IRS at using the Non-Filers Tool.

What you can do: share this information across your networks and on social media! The linked resource lists all the tools you will need. Contact Gloria Reynolds at with any questions you may have or with ideas for broader promotion.

Resource: Here are the slides from the September 17 East TN Council meeting with the National Low Income Housing Coalition on the "Out of Reach"  report.

Resource: So great! That's the short description of the Middle TN Council meeting that was opened statewide on 7/24/20. Thank you MT Council Chair Angie Hubbard and meeting sponsor F&M Bank (Khandra Smalley). The three speakers focused their remarks on connections between economic development and housing. The slides are here. The audio recording will arrive.  It was a harsh reminder for me that water pressure needs to be sufficient for housing development.  Coopertown Mayor Glen Guyor is working hard to provide area housing for the employees for Lowe's on-line ordering installation. He cited the traffic filling the corridors to Nashville and Clarksville. He wants more of his neighbors to work close to home. MDHA's Jim Harbison described the not ripples, but waves of economic impact that is occuring with the Envision efforts, specifically the concept of MDHA being able to borrow against its properties. He noted the strong success of mixed income complexes. The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce's (award-winning) Courtney Ross described the area's 78% population growth since 1990 and the top reasons companies want to expand or relocate here: the economy, talent, location on map, and place (quality of life). 

Here is the WebEx recording link password, vYkgeUg3, and the playback link:

This is another example of how the Coalition provides relevent, important learning to its members.

Resource: Here is David Smith's report on Sustainable Affordability, referenced in the June 25 NH&RA webinar. Here is the slide deck

Resource: A one-pager of rent-utility resources for Davidson County residents.

Resource: HUD has released information to share with rental housing residents facing rent payment difficulties. Here is a one-pager and a flier


Clear messaging and legislative requests are detailed here from the ACTION Campaign in support of affordable rental housing. 


National Housing Conference has launched its novel Coronavirus resource page and asks you for input. 


Davidson County COVID-19 Response Fund

If you would like additional information about the Nashville-Davidson County Continuum of Care (“CoC”), please visit our website at:

Continuum of Care: General Membership Meetings

Continuum of Care: Governance Board Materials


Find the combined presentations from the Healthy Homes Partnership here.

Archives: Here is a slide show from the May 2014 Middle TN Council meeting.